Marcel Prunera Colomer (Barcelona, 1972)

Expert on economic development and entrepreneurship projects.

Founder and lecturer of the postgraduate program on Regional Strategy and Competitiveness within Catalonia's PolytechnicUniversity. Entrepreneurshiplecturer for several postgraduate programmes.

Director General for Economic Development for the Government of Cataloniabetween 2005 and 2010. He directed the Strategic Agreement for Internationalization, Job Quality and Competitiveness for the Catalan economy; designed financial instruments supporting economic activity; coordinated policies for the improvement of competitiveness and promoted projects related to strategic economic development.

Economic sciences graduate from the University of Barcelona. He has also earned a number of master and postgraduate degrees in the field of public policy management.

Director and founder of several companies in the professional services and investment field. He is either on the Board of Directors or acting Advisor for several companies.

Director of the Granollers Private Public Partnership Forum and coordinator for the Programme for the Development of Entrepreneurs Professional Environments (a joint venture with the Medical College of Barcelona and Cecot).

Partner in the companies GuinotPrunera, where he manages assets, and Future Companies, specialised in investment consulting and assistance in the promotion of innovative companies and entrepreneurs. He is a founding partner in start-up accelerator Link to Grow Up.

Experience in the Council of Europe, the city of Medellín (Colombia), the Barcelona City Council, the Sant Pau Foundation, Barcelona Activa, the Businesses association Cecot, Barcelona's Medical College, ACC10, Everis, the Brookings Institute, added to a long list other institutions and companies.

Examples of projects led by Marcel Prunera

Strategic Agreement for Internationalization, the Job Quality and Competitiveness of the Catalan economy. Catalonia's competitiveness plan developed in agreement with trade unions and employers, and constituting 20% of the government budget. The project has been used as a case study at ESADE as an example of a best practice in public management innovation.

Financial Tools for Entrepreneurship Commission. The Coordinated work of this commission resulted in the creation of new financial lines and tools - ICF Creixement, ICF Crèdit, ICF Capital, IFEM, AvalisEmprèn, IFEM...- which were the first fiscal incentives for business angels in the history of Spain.

Creafutur Foundation. Launched with ESADE's cooperation. First foundation of public interest founded in southern Europe specialised in consumer tendencies analysis andtheir applicability to enterprise and innovation.

Programme for the Support of Social Entrepreneurship. First public programme of its type in Spain.