Dani de Torres

Expert in urban innovative and intercultural policies for managing diversity for the Council of Europe, many cities as well as other organizations, including the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI).

Director of the Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities linked to the "Intercultural Cities" programme of the Council of Europe.

Project manager of the Antirumours Strategy for the Prevention of Racism funded by the Open Society Foundationsand led by ACSAR foundation. The project consists of exporting Barcelona's Antirumour Strategy, which Dani launched at Barcelona municipality.

Collaborator at Yayaki!, a company which specialises in content creation, multimedia communication and process transparency through the use of open data.

Commissioner for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue of Barcelona municipality between 2007-2011. In this role he led several innovative policies with strong political and social consensus and multidisciplinary approach that had been internationally recognised as good practices.

He previously worked as policy advisor to the Barcelona's Mayor Office on innovative policies for social cohesion and at the municipal Commission for Education, Culture and Social Welfare, as well as at the Cabinet of the Culture's Minister of the Catalonia Government. Before that he worked as a consultant for the company "Acceso a Europa" specialising in European projects management on social cohesion, education and diversity issues.

Graduated in Economics for the University of Barcelona, with a post-graduate degree in Interculturalism and Education at the same university as well as International and European studies from London University's Birckbeck College.

Analyst and collaborator of several think tanks and foundations on matters of diversity, leadership and interculturalism as well as a being a speaker at various international forums.

Examples of projects led by Dani de Torres

Barcelona Intercultural Plan: developed between 2008 and 2009 in a process that involved more than 3,000 people and organizations. It is currently one of the referent strategies dealing with urban diversity management, especially for its multidisciplinary approach includingmany areas like urban planning, culture, education, culture or economy, among others.

Barcelona Antirumour Strategy: an innovative strategy to counteract stereotyping, prejudices and false rumours regarding immigration and cultural diversity, promoting coexistence and interaction between people and which boasts significant international impact.

Director of the "Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities" (RECI): linked to the "Intercultural Cities"programme promoted by the Council of Europe and with the support of the "la Caixa" Foundation and the Pompeu Fabra University.

"Eurocities" Immigration Working Group: during his period as Commissioner for Immigration in Barcelona, the citystarted leading the Immigration Working Group of the Eurocities network, promoting among other the Diversity Charter, signed by mayors of several European cities.

Project manager of European projects dealing with education, diversity and social cohesion issues involving many European cities at Acceso a Europa.

Head of Research on immigration and diversity for the Rafael Campalans Foundation, in which models of diversity management in several countries were compared.